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This page is an attempt to visualize the spam amounts TLI Networks gets.


Spams in archive: 900870
Archive size (compressed): 8485.1
Archive size (uncompressed): 18727.3
Spams skipped: 21484
Spams in the last 24 hours: 0
Spams in the last 7 days: 1
Spams in the last 30 days: 376

Spams are skipped due to two reasons:


The last 60 days

The last 60 days


Spams per day


Spams per month


Spams per Year

Per Hour of the Day

Spams per Hour of the Day

Per Day of the Week

Spams per Day of the Week

Per Day of the Month

Spams per Day of the Month

Per Month

Spams per Month of the Year

SpamAssassin Score Histogram

SpamAssassin Score Histogram

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